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As you know I’ve been away from the KC scene for a while, but now that I’m back it’s like living in a new city (I just know street names and people). Scrolling through my feed the other day I ran across a Pigeons and Planes article w/ KC in the headlines. Okay….Let’s see. Watched the video and I was like whoa! Dude has a some talent. I didn’t have to look at the credits to know Kendu The Stampede was behind the visuals but at last we have an emergence of artists who stray from the all to familiar “Strange” path to hip hop success in our otherwise humble market. Featured artist Dev3n and a VERY fitting female vocalist makes for a dark, jazzy, and very Kendrick’ish track from his upcoming album Memento Mori.

I know there are a lot of dope artist in every city, but KC has such a deep history in the arts (of all facets) that it makes it hard understand how our market doesn’t shine brighter in the on the music stage. In other words, I feel like Aaron Alexander has a shot at making it. At least making a decent Vince Staple sized project for the world to admire. Maybe he’ll get a decent tour gig, headlining for XXXTentacion, MGK, Tyler tha Creator or Goldlink.


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