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So, when I moved back into town I was dead set on getting WC relaunched and kickstarting my passion for blogging. I’d been out of the city for a while so I picked up where I left off. Touched basis with a few guys who I knew were still making moves for the culture here in KC. After a couple weeks of phone tag, I finally linked up with Dom at McCoy’s Public House in Westport to catch up. We ordered the chicken and waffles of course and maybe had a beer or two. I honestly can’t remember.

We got to talking about music, his next moves, and other artists in the area. Dom hasn’t really changed much but then again I never really sat down with the guy but however, I have seen the moves he’s been making and you have to give the guy his props. With a healthy relationship, new album on the way, and a tour dates recently released. Dom Chron is making waves for sure and it was an honor to rap for a while about life and his prospects.

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