The creative geniuses at Invision have linked up with a beta called Craft. Now what can Craft do for you as a designer. Well, not only can it make things easier for your front and back-end development team but also make your life easier as well. Craft takes your existing mockups via Sketch or Photoshop and easily syncs your boards. What’s so different about that, well now you can click your wires and have access to CSS elements ready to copy/paste. Say, you’re designing couple of elements for a landing page. Instead of designing then bouncing between screens or even worse, screenshotting to color pick; you can now get your colors, bg-colors, margins, padding, widths, heights, and font characteristics from you wireframes/prototype!

I’ve been using Craft for a couple of my projects and the only downside I can really pull from the software is it may make life a bit more difficult for designers. The entire concept depends on pixel precise design in order for developers to pull accurate data from the wireframe. This is good and bad. Good for the project as a whole because wires and prototypes are absolutely flawless. Downside, it takes bit longer and more attention to detail to ensure every element has the EXACT same spacing, line height, etc…

This comes as a bummer to a lot of designers who eyeball or rely on the snap-t0-grids of PS but if making sure you enter hard pixel numbers while creating elements and duplicating those elements can ensure you, Craft, Invision and your developers have a healthy relationship.


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